Septic system products including septic tanks, leach field chambers, septic tank risers and filters, plus wastewater treatments for Peterborough, Lindsay, & Oshawa areas

Are you looking to purchase a new septic tank or replace existing septic system components? Or do you need a completely new septic system for a new build or to replace an aging septic system at your home or business?

Bethany Septic offers a wide range of Infiltrator™ septic system components, including the IM-Series plastic septic tanks, EZflow® leach fields, Infiltrator wastewater treatment ATL™ (Advanced Treatment Leachfield) systems and EZsnap risers.

We are a distributor of Infiltrator Water Technologies , supplying our clients with environmentally safe and sustainable options for their septic systems. Infiltrator is the leading manufacturer of onsite wastewater system products in the United States and Canada. There are millions of Infiltrator onsite wastewater drain field systems installed worldwide; over 50% of onsite septic systems for single-family homes installed in the United States and Canada use Infiltrator chamber or EZflow leach fields.

Infiltrator’s products are an environmentally sustainable solution when compared to traditional construction materials. They are produced with significantly less energy, as they are generally made from 95% recycled material. Infiltrator recycles over 150 million pounds (75,000 tons) of plastic per year for their products, diverting it from a landfill.

But we not only offer our clients septic systems and products. As an Infiltrator distributor, we can recommend a trained, reputable septic system installer for your specific needs. And, if you are a contractor, we are certified trainers for Infiltrator installations; ask us how you can become a certified Infiltrator installer.

We are happy to offer you advice on which septic system to purchase, how to get a replacement part for an existing septic system, or the name of a certified Infiltrator installer. Call us to learn how we can help.