Leach Fields

The leach field is the secondary treatment component of your septic system (after the effluent passes through the septic tank). It often has two or more leaching trenches and provides a natural filter for the effluent as it slowly seeps into the native soil.

Early septic systems used gravel or crushed stone in these trenches to store the effluent so it released slowly into the soil. However, the spaces between the gravel and crushed stone would soon become plugged as the solids built up in the leach field. The gravel and stone would also settle and compact over time, reducing the spaces between the gravel and stone. These situations reduced the amount of effluent passing through this system, slowing and stopping the process.

Infiltrator Water Technologies offers two environmentally-friendly options to replace any original stone and pipe setup:

  • Advanced Treatment Leachfield (ATL™) systems.
  • Leachfield Chambers (regular and shallow chambers available).
Leach Field Installation
Photo Credit: Infiltrator ® Water Systems

Infiltrator Ezflow Advanced Treatment Leachfield (ATL) system

An EZflow ATL system is designed to improve infiltrative performance as the engineered geosynthetic aggregate eliminates compaction and “fines” of crushed stone over time. Pre-assembled units make this system easy to install in different trench configurations (trenches don’t have to be straight, but they must be level throughout the runs with adequate spacing between the runs).

An ATL bed may be installed 30.5 cm above the water table, resulting in a lower bed. An ATL bed is more appealing than a filter bed for many clients, because:

  • Less material is used, resulting in less disruption on the property.
  • They are quick and easy to install.
  • The bed level is lower and less noticeable

With their increased efficiency rating (superior flow rate), they can be used in smaller leach field configurations, saving space and installation costs.

For Infiltrator Water System’s ATL™ (Advanced Treatment Leachfield) septic sand-lined systems, septic tank effluent passes through six components:

  1. 4” diameter pipe.
  2. Large-diameter synthetic aggregate.
  3. Fine geotextile.
  4. Small-diameter synthetic aggregate.
  5. Coarse geotextile.
  6. Minimum 9” thick septic sand.

Once the treated effluent passes through the septic sand, it enters the native soil.

This ATL system is available for multiple absorption bed configurations.

Leach Field Chambers

We carry a number of Infiltrator’s leach field chamber options:

  • Quick4® Chamber systems (Quick Flow): Easy to handle and install with four-foot chamber lengths. Regular and shallow chambers available.

Use the environmentally-friendly Infiltrator chambers in almost any septic leach field location, including shallow bury trench beds. Wherever stone and pipe could be installed, Infiltrator chambers offer a more flexible and durable option.