Septic Tank Risers

A septic tank riser provides you with easy access to your septic tank for inspection or pumping. Installed on the top opening of your septic tank, one or more risers may be needed (up to four 12” risers may be used) if your septic system is more than a few inches below the ground; septic tank risers are installed to cover the distance from the top of the septic tank to ground level.

Do you have an older septic tank model without a septic tank riser? Older models may not have standard septic tank risers installed; however, they can be added for easy maintenance and pumping.

At Bethany Septic, we carry the EZsnap septic tank riser from Infiltrator Water Technologies, which creates an easy-to-assemble watertight riser system for septic tanks, pump tanks, and cisterns. The EZsnap riser features “click and lock” technology, so you don’t require tools, sealant/caulk, or additional hardware to assemble. It’s available in 24 inch diameter with multiple height options, so give us a call to select the septic tank riser that will fit your needs.

Septic Tank Riser